Conception of D + I oT Technology Development

D + I oT(D i s t r i b u t i o n  I oT) is New power network pattern combining traditional industrial technology and Internet of Things. It realizes distribution network' comprehensive sensing, data fusion and intelligent application through mutual connection, communication and operation among power distribution network equipments, then meet the goals and needs of distribution network refined management.

Back ground

D + I o T (D i s t r i b u t i o n + I o T) is new round of energy revolution, marked by large-scale development and utilization of new energy, electrification as the fundamental approach, and is rapidly developing worldwide. China State Grid Co., Ltd. and our company have carried out sufficient prospects and research on the issue of innovation and development of power distribution network.

New challenge

The traditional distribution network management mode does not satisfy the development needs. It is urgent for deep application of advanced technologies such as “Cloud, Big Data, Internet of Things, Mobile, and Intelligence” then to improve construction, operation, maintenance, and management level in essence, achieve leap-forward development, and meet the "re-electrification" needs of energy transformation.

  • Demand difficulties

  • Huge total amount of distribution network equipments

  • Rapid develop and changes of distribution network

  • Low standardization of distribution network equipment

  • Limited distribution network marketization adjustment mechanism

  • Customers "high dependence on electricity

  • Customer multi-level service demands

  • Large impact of variable load of electric vehicle charging piles

  • Short human resources of operation and maintenance management in front-line of distribution network

D+IoT framework

The D+IoT(Distribution+IoT) framework is composed of four parts

  • Intelligent terminal

  • Environmental sensing

  • Electrical measurement

  • Energy consumption collection

  • Edge calculation

Edge computing is a distributed open platform that integrates core capabilities of network, computing, storage, and application, which is the network edge side near to devices and data sources. With the support of container technology, it can provide edge-only services and can charge The key to meeting the digitalization of distribution network in agile connection, real-time business, data optimization, application only, etc. demand.

  • Management

The edge node layer and the sensory node layer are combined with various advanced network means of the telecommunication network and the local communication network. The entire D+IoT platform is effectively connected to achieve D+Iot management requirements

PS:The communication technologies used include C a n bus, power line carrier, micro power wireless, infinite public Network, NB-IoT, LoRa and other technologies

  • Cloud system

D+Iot in future

  • Asset Management

     Optimize equipment load rate and improve asset management efficiency

  • Breakdown rescue

     Fault warning, power outage judgment, shortening repair time

  • Development plan

     Provide data foundation to support scientific planning

  • Optimize operation

     Optimize voltage levels, reduce line losses, save energy and reduce consumption

  • Energy management

     Eliminate clean energy and ensure grid safety

  • Customer service 

     Improve power supply reliability and provides extensive interactive support