Digital Transformation: Condition Monitoring of Electrical Equipment

As technology continues to advance, the digital transformation has been an inevitable trend. All industries are gradually moving from single-point automation to comprehensive adoption of intelligent applications. 


Why should the transformation of industrial digitization begin as soon as possible?

Industrial digital transformation aims to revolutionize revenue and profit models, and innovate through transformation and upgrades. Affected by the epidemic, the uncertainty of market demand and the risk of supply chain are increasing, and more and more enterprise managers need to grasp the operation status of equipment in real time.

01 Manufacturing Industry

  1. How to monitor and manage the working condition of movable equipments?

2.How to master the real-time power consumption of each device?

3.How to keep abreast of whether equipment is idle, underutilized, or overloaded?


02 Equipment Leasing Industry

1.Unable to know the status of production, with high financial risk

2.Manual inspection, low efficiency and difficult asset management

3.The sensors for monitoring leasing equipments needs to be anti-disassembly, and there are few products matching the demand on the market


03 Commercial Buildings

1.How to solve the problem if the heating or cooling equipment is shutting down for no discernable reason 

2.How to solve the problem if the heating or cooling equipment turns on and off frequently


Is there a “sharp weapon” that can make dumb equipments "speak"?

HYLR-W passive wireless current sensor is an Internet of things current transformer for cable lines, which designed with the technologies of electromagnetic energy collection, ultra-low power consumption, wireless communication etc. The sensor only needs 0.5A ultra-low current to be powered on, and realizes the measurement and transmission of line current without external power supply and wiring. The split core type appearance design makes installation more easier without power failure. 




Through transparent real-time data collection and information flow, all electrical equipment status can be easily understood and the problem of information silos between departments can easily be overcome to improve transparent communications. 

01 Continuous current or line temperature monitoring, all electrical equipment status can be easily understood

For at-a-glance monitoring of equipment status

Minimize points of security vulnerabilities

Auto wake up if there is abrupt change of current

If there is abrupt change of current, the sensor will immediately wakes up from the sleep state and

push a message.

Automatic detection for openning and closing

If the sensor is opened suddenly when it is in working mode, the sensor will be uploaded a status message, if the sensor is closed under battery power supply, the sensor also will be uploaded a status message.


02 Flexible network mode, convenient communication

HYTR series data receiver/gateway can be combined with HYLR-W passive wireless current sensorto form a passive electrical sensing&monitoring syste, and it can also be connected to server via 4G/Netwrok ports, or onnected with other type gatewey via RS485. 


03 Help management quickly understand energy consumption and better track the progress of business KPIs

When multiple equipments share a power supply circuit, refer to the main circuit energy consumption, the energy consumption of each equipment can be equally shared according to the running current. When one circuit supplies power to one equipment separately and there is no energy metering device, the reference energy consumption can be carried out through the running current.

Through the combination of scene applications in various industries and enterprise production operation, order management, equipment types, etc., the big data intelligent analysis and evaluation of factories and other equipment, diagnosis of equipment operation and equipment efficiency benchmarking analysis, and generation of expert diagnosis reports to provide to enterprises, Help enterprises optimize processes, save energy and reduce consumption, and improve performance.


04 Wide application range, more intelligent management

HY passive wireless monitoring system is widely used in equipment leasing, intelligent manufacturing, environmental protection supervision, EV charging management, supermarket stores, commercial buildings, hotels and other industries. It realize the internet of things effectively and solve the problem of power supply、complicated installation、high cost、data transmission and other traditional difficulty. It also achieves self-correction, self-inspection and effective supervision of abnormal working conditions, make production, management and maintenance more intelligent. 


HYLR-W passive sensor simplify the complexity and control the complexity, make the equipment condition sensing simple and efficient. With the improvement of smart sensing technology, the wireless passive sensor will play an important role as an important means of information interaction and the main source of perceptual information.


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