Healthcare Energy Management

Project Overview

Heyuan Intelligence has rich experience in professional energy management solutions and power quality management technology for the medical industry. According to industry specifications characteristics of the medical industry Heyuan Intelligence’ energy management system provides strong technical support of information construction and energy conservation management.

Jinan Qianfoshan Hospital choose Heyuan for energy management technical support after learning that Heyuan Intelligence’ rich experience in the medical field and its systematic energy management system construction plan.


System Composition

Project Background

Qianfoshan Hospital was founded in 1960, covering an area of more than 70,000 square meters, with a total construction area of more than 230,000 square meters. It is a large-scale provincial comprehensive hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, rehabilitation, health care, prevention and first aid. The tertiary first-class hospital has 95 clinical and medical technical departments, with 2880 open beds. 3775 existing employees.


Solution Design


 Hospital's demand for energy quality

In the proportion of all energy consumption in the hospital, electric energy consumption accounts for 80% of the total energy consumption, and the hospital's electricity load is large, non-linear equipment is invested more, and high-precision medical instruments have higher requirements for power quality.


Demand for classified monitoring of energy and equipment


There are many types of energy-consuming equipment in hospitals, covering a wide range and many units. It is necessary to monitor energy media and energy-consuming equipment by classification to reduce the intensity and pressure of operation and maintenance personnel.


Demand for overall energy conservation awareness increasing

Discover the true use of energy through the energy management system, formulate reasonable planning performance standards, and improve the energy conservation awareness of medical staff.

 Analysis on the construction of energy consumption management system in the medical industry

The hospital energy consumption management system is a comprehensive energy consumption management platform. Through the use of a variety of energy consumption collection terminals and supporting communication management equipment, invisible energy consumption data and equipment operation conditions are brought to life through a human-computer interaction interface. Visibility helps users achieve intuitive analysis of energy consumption and equipment operating status, and realizes comparative analysis of energy consumption information of various department systems in the hospital, thereby improving the efficiency of daily management and scheduling of the hospital and the overall service of department operations Level.

In addition, the use of an energy management system can not only ensure the accuracy and reliability of the collected equipment energy consumption data, but also the operation of the system is simple, which is convenient for operation and maintenance personnel to use and manage the system.

Through independent research and development of energy consumption management software and hardware, Heyuan support Qianfoshan Hospital establish a complete and advanced energy management system to help it achieve the goal of energy saving and emission reduction and find abnormal energy consumption.

Application Products




Energy Management Software               


The Energy Management System acquires real-time energy consumption data from theacquisition terminal then calculates and stores the data from allsorts(i.e. water, electricity, gas, heating), subareas, sub items andsub time with mathematical method of summarizing and splittingetc. Then checking system, which accurately and quantitativelymeasures unit energy consumption, can be provided by monitoringand diagnosing the data. Thus energy saving management canbe realized.