Hospital Intelligent Electrical Safety Solution

Project Overview

The Hospital has public parts (registration, fees, outpatient pharmacy, outpatient office), outpatient department, medical technology department (analysis, operating room), emergency department, administrative office, inpatient ward, logistics department and other buildings. After field investigation, we found that electrical design is the most important in the entire hospital building design because of its various equipment’s dependence on electricity. Its power supply quality and safety directly affect the efficacy of medical work, so it is also facing a very serious current situation of electricity safety management. Power safety management solution relying on technical means and complete set of inspections without manpower are requested.

Demand Analysis

24h uninterrupted watch;

Reduce labor maintenance costs and save labor;

Discover hidden dangers of electrical fires in time;

Timely warning of potential electrical fire hazards;

Guide to investigate related hidden dangers;

Conduct electricity consumption monitoring on the circuits where important equipment is located;

Realize closed-loop management of hidden danger treatment;

Management and maintenance personnel can understand the electricity consumption of the hospital itself;

System Composition


     Innovation of concept: "Prevention first"

Pre-process the risk management of potential safety hazards in electricity use through "accident prevention + accident early warning";

Technological innovation: "Professional data analysis"

Conduct professional analysis of potential safety hazards in electricity use through the history and macro data of fire safety operation, and improve the management and control level of unit electricity safety;

Innovation of the model: Supervision system based on real sensor data

      Management innovation: hierarchical management


Solution Design


Reminder of hidden fire safety hazards:

     Conduct online "physical examination" for changes in the residual current, current, temperature, smoke alarm, combustible gas alarm, etc. of the electrical circuit to detect potential safety hazards in time and remind safety personnel through early warning.

Comprehensive records of electricity safety data:

     Fully control and real-time capture the residual current of electrical circuits, current and wire temperature, environmental smoke, combustible gas alarm data and other abnormal changes. These historical data can be used for professional analysis of safety hazards.

Professional diagnosis report:

     Regularly provide remote "physical examination" reports to serve users' cause analysis and rectification of hidden dangers in electrical circuits.

System remote upgrade and maintenance:

     Continuously enhance system functions; ensure stable operation of the system.

Multiple value-added services:

     Monitoring third-party custody, on-site investigation of hidden safety hazards, electrical wiring rectification, etc.


Application Products




LoRa/Modbus 3 Phase Energy Meter                


It is a intelligent power measurement and control terminal that integrates power monitoring, energy metering management, power quality analysis and electrical safety. 






Intelligent Communitaion Gateway                 


It adopts industrial-grade NXP Cortex-A7 processor and embedded Linux real-time multitasking operating system. It supports multiple communication protocols and can be applied in large scale demanding integrated automation systems, dispatching automation systems and distribution automation systems.