Hotels Intelligent Electrical Safety Solution

Project Overview

Current Situation of Electrical Safety in Hotels

ØThe Hotel is a densely populated unit with increasing level of electrical equipment and expanding load on electricity. The operation of entire system has placed high requirements on electrical safety. There are private connections and aging of lines. If fire occurs due to improper use of electricity, air-conditioning, and power distribution rooms, houses, etc. will be burned and even immeasurable damage.

ØThe design and construction is not up to specification. Most of the hotels are decorated and transformed from original buildings. Illegal operation during design, construction, and decoration, and even fake and inferior electrical products were used, which leaving a lot of hidden dangers of electrical fire in the building.

ØImproper management and use of electrical equipment. If audio equipment, televisions and other equipment have been in a live working state for long time under poor ventilation conditions, it is easy to generate heat, leakage and ignition. Electric heaters, high-power lamps, etc. that are close to combustibles may cause electrical fires.

Analysis of Electrical Safety Requirements

ØElectrical hazards are not easy to detect, need professionals to use on-site professional instruments to detect and analyze.

ØElectrical fires are fierce, and the losses are immeasurable.

ØThe administration department lacks a professional and unified monitoring platform

ØHigh cost of personnel inspection

Hidden danger areas in hotels

ØDistribution room

ØFloor distribution box

ØPower circuit

ØUnmanned inspection place

ØHigh voltage

System Composition


Electrical Safety Platform Topology


Platform Advantages:

ØApplied in any scenario: Wireless transmission, rail mounting, plug-in wiring, which is fast and convenient.

ØHigh safety level and free maintenance: The hardware products are verified highest level for electromagnetic compatibility by national standards. The core components (chips, resistors, etc.) are Top brand. With flame-resistant casing.

ØIntelligent acquisition and powerful functions: full electrical parameter acquisition, support for multiple data acquisition (smoke, gas, switch position, etc.) at the same time, Access to other intelligent devices such as circuit breakers, fault arcs, etc.

ØSmooth platform and constant performance: scientific and rigorous platform architecture is, and supports tens of millions of points access without block.

ØScientific operation and maintenance, convenient management: support for hierarchical accounts management, remote reset, limits adjustment, opening and closing, Logo upload, and third-party access

Main function:

ØQuick response to multi-party alarms within 24 hours: When a fire occurs, it will trigger detectors, text messages, phone calls, voice, computer terminals, APP and other methods to notify grid personnel, firefighters and other related person.

Solution Design


System Architeture











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Application Products




LoRa/Modbus 3 Phase Energy Meter                


It is a intelligent power measurement and control terminal that integrates power monitoring, energy metering management, power quality analysis and electrical safety.