Improving the Energy efficiency of Champions' Alma mater

Shandong Sport University integrates physical education, training and scientific research. It covers an area of 2,060 acres, with a construction area of 560,000 square meters and various training venues of 164,100 square meters. There are more than 10,000 students and faculty members.

High energy consumption problem

The normal operation of the university and venues is inseparable from the safe, efficient and stable operation of energy supply system. As a key energy-using unit, Shandong Sport University is exploring how to solve the existing high energy consumption problem through energy-saving renovation and introduction of advanced energy management platform.

Energy efficiency improvement plan

Our company provides a complete energy efficiency improvement plan, and builds a smart energy platform to use the new generation of information and communication technology to sense, monitor, analyze, control and integrate all key aspects of the park facilities and equipment. The demand responds intelligently, so that the operation of the park facilities and equipment is self-organizing, self-running and self-optimizing, creating a green and harmonious development environment.

System diagram

Project implementation site

Transformer and distribution room

Project manager inspection

Installation Site

System Functions

  • Energy consumption monitoring

It mainly realizes data collection of energy consumption, real-time monitoring of energy consumption of important energy-using areas and key energy-using equipment, real-time collection, statistics and analysis of energy consumption, and intelligent integrated management of energy-using systems.

  • Intelligent management of water supply

The system realizes water collection, water control and water data analysis of each measurement monitoring point, helping users to find faults such as running leaks in advance.

  • Intelligent hearting management

The system realizes the functions of flow monitoring of heating pipes, remote control of water valves, automatic execution of energy saving strategies and abnormal warming reminders.

  • Intelligent device open platform

The system implements unified access management for smart devices, and builds smart devices in the campus into interconnected and open IoT private device clouds, realizes multi-service system sharing devices, and authorizes business systems to transparently access devices in real time. And it breaks the split state of different system with equipment, providing conditions for equipment linkage management.

The successful deployment of the system greatly improved the comprehensive management level of cultural and educational parks, medical institutions and industrial parks, and achieved energy conservation, energy efficiency and energy security through smart scientific energy efficiency improvement technology.