Power Retrofit Solution for High-end Community

Project Overview

The problemsof singular power detection in the old communities arevery common, which leads to great hidden danger in residents' stable and safe power utilization. In recent years, power operation, maintenance and retrofitin old communities in many countries has become a concern of the residents. 

With the purpose of building intelligent power distribution, Heyuanconducted a series of visualized power operations and maintenance managementsfor the community power lines, and has realizedefficient and unattended operation and maintenance.

System Composition

With comprehensive consideration of the project size, technical requirements, system requirements and other information, Heyuan develop a complete solution, that is, the system architecture is composed of three parts: On-site collection (electrical parameter acquisition, sensor acquisition), communication network, data center (workstation, server, monitoring Software).


On-site Collection

1. Real-time acquisition of full parameters of multi-function electric meter through RS485;

2. Real-time acquisition of parameters of each sensor.


Communication network

Realizes data exchange between On-site collection system and data center. The system uses the RS485 communication bus network to the intelligent terminal between the meter and the sensor, and the wired system to the background system for high reliability.


Data center

Complete the receiving and storing of data, then classify and process according to the set conditions or user needs, to realize the collection of electrical parameters of each sub-loop, report display, export, analysis and comparison of electricity consumption, historical electric parameter operation record Query, threshold setting and alarm parameter reminder, electricity inquiry, power analysis and various sensor parameters acquisition and alarm.


The system adopts a large database to store historical data, which can store historical statistics in large quantities.
The system is equipped with corresponding data sharing equipment and interfaces: it can be connected to the low-voltage power monitoring and power distribution system interface through the on-site RS485 bus to realize the data communication function. At the same time, the system provides a standard interface to connect up to other systems for data sharing.

Solution Design


According to the number of sensors on the site, multi-function meter and application environment, etc., it needs to be equipped with intelligent terminal (ASDU-LS).





Terminal is set in the power distribution room network cabinet, and collects various sensors and multi-function meters. The specifications of the network cabinet are 600mm×600mm×1200mm;



The RS485 bus is directly placed between meters and each sensor for data collection in the low-voltage distribution room of the community. Connect RS485 cable to the distribution room network cabinet, and convert RS485 to network port, thenconnect to the data center through the switch;



Video surveillance hasa network interface, which is connected through the switch to data center;



This solution supports data monitoring of adding power monitoring equipment in other single building or underground low-voltage power distribution room, adjusts the intelligent terminal, and reserves the expansion interface.

Application Products



Multi-channel Power Meter                


With internationally cutting-edge imported metering IC solutions, we launchedmultiple-circuit smart meters with efficient and stable metering performance for all electrical parameters. Matched with Heyuan Cloud Platform Managing System, it can provide remote stable and reliable data and ensures efficient energy management and electrical safety monitoring. 





Digital Three Phase Power Meter                 


The advanced multifunctional electric power meter provides the most affordable metering solution with reliable power metering features for voltage, current, power and bi-directional energy, which is widely applied in automatic power distribution, energy management system and intelligent monitoring system.



Wireless Temperature Sensor

Wireless Temperature Sensor