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Intelligent Communitaion Gateway

Industrial Protocol Gateway

Interface: RS232/485, 4G, CAN, RJ45

Protocol: Modbus RTU, IEC60870-5-101/102/103/104, MQTT, DLT645-1997, DLT645-2007, HTTP, ect.


Cloud debugging (rollback)

         Historical data storage (raw data)

Rapid template configuration

Software and hardware watchdog timer


Formula calculation

Linkage control

Function extension

History cache

  • Managing communication among automatic devices

  • Managing communication among various smart meters

  • Managing communication among transformer substation intelligent auxiliary equipment, such as DC power communication

  • Managing communication in the transformer substation host computer system

  • Managing communication between remote devices and the control center

  • Checking and monitoring the communication status of each devices and equipment

  • Installation: Din rail or rack-mounting mounted






It adopts industrial-grade NXP Cortex-A7 processor and embedded Linux real-time multitasking operating system. It supports multiple communication protocols and can be applied in large scale demanding integrated automation systems, dispatching automation systems and distribution automation systems.

Solid Core Current Transformer

Split Core Current Transformer

Current Transformers

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The LoRa Data Transmission Terminal is universal communication interactive equipment, which is designed and manufactured based on LoRa RF chip. It integrates two interfaces of industrial standard RS485 and supports a variety of protocols to realize data transmission between wired and wireless devices. It can be widely applied in the IOT, centralized metering and industrial control etc..

The Energy Management System acquires real-time energy consumption data from the acquisition terminal then calculates and stores the data from all sorts (i.e. water, electricity, gas, heating), subareas, sub items and sub time with mathematical method of summarizing and splitting etc. Then checking system, which accurately and quantitatively measures unit energy consumption, can be provided by monitoring and diagnosing the data. Thus energy saving management can be realized.

Energy management software

We will install, wire and test your power and energy meter for you.

High-end configuration

The Cortex®-A7@CPU adopts 28nm process that reduces power consumption by 80% compared to the previous generation.

256M DDR3L memory, 4GB EMMC storage, up to 32GB TF card expansion.

Powerful Edge Computing Capabilities

Pioneering cloud debugging realizes remote configuration, debugging and upgrade;

Programmable communication protocols, Protocol driven Template for batches configuration;

Data buffer once communication interruption, then upload data’s during interruption after communication recovery;

Support storage and management of various documents such as communication messages and data files;

Provide HTTP and MQTT data release;

Hardware and software dual watchdog mechanism ensures stability and reliability.

  • Customized terminal template shortcut configuration management

Configure the terminal template once and for all;

Four-remote data all covered;

Portable personalized custom database files;

Quick configuration for same type terminals in different project sites and various application scenarios.

  • Adapt to various types of collection terminal for full coverage data type

  • Cloud debugging remotely analyze data to solve field problems

The simulation demonstration can remotely analyze the data to solve the problem at home, without going and back the site.

LoRa Data Transmission Terminal

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