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Three Phase Power Meter
  • Measuring three phase voltage, current, line voltage, frequency, zero-sequence current, zero- sequence voltage, four-quadrant electric energy, active energy, reactive energy, bidirectional active energy, bidirectional reactive energy, Voltage unbalance, current unbalance

  • Programmable data records (8M)

  • Communication

  • Modbus RTU via RS485; LoRa (Optional)

  • Accuracy: Active energy accuracy: 0.5S, Voltage & Current accuracy: 0.2%

  • Power supply: AC: 85-265V; DC: 85-300V

  • CT/PT connection

  • Display: LCD screen 

  • Panel installation 

  • DImensions: 96cm*96cm*89cm






Three-phase power meter measures a variety of electrical parameters, from current and voltage to active and reactive energy. Also it is capable of energy-efficiency management and remotely communicating and controlling via replay output.

Solid Core Current Transformer

Split Core Current Transformer

Current Transformers

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The LoRa Data Transmission Terminal is universal communication interactive equipment, which is designed and manufactured based on LoRa RF chip. It integrates two interfaces of industrial standard RS485 and supports a variety of protocols to realize data transmission between wired and wireless devices. It can be widely applied in the IOT, centralized metering and industrial control etc..

The Energy Management System acquires real-time energy consumption data from the acquisition terminal then calculates and stores the data from all sorts (i.e. water, electricity, gas, heating), subareas, sub items and sub time with mathematical method of summarizing and splitting etc. Then checking system, which accurately and quantitatively measures unit energy consumption, can be provided by monitoring and diagnosing the data. Thus energy saving management can be realized.

Energy management software

We will install, wire and test your power and energy meter for you.




LoRa Data Transmission Terminal

We will install, wire and test your power and energy meter for you.