Heyuan release Protocol gateway ASDU-LX for IIoT data to cloud

January 11, 2019—Heyuan Intelligence Technology Co, Ltd, an expert in Electricity & IIoT, today announced release of protocol gateway ASDU-LX for IoT dada to cloud management. From now on, ASDU series can fulfill most of Intelligent Industrial Applications.

Internet of Things has become the topic of the times, and the huge potential of IoT data to empower enterprises has also been recognized. However, there are many problems in the real IoT setting scenarios, for example, communication -the bridge connecting terminal devices to the main station.

Various Protocol Conversions

ASDU-LX not only has rich hardware interfaces, but also can meet the application needs of various occasions, and has built-in various international communication protocols and private ones of other manufacturers ’equipment terminal, also support customized protocols development.

Top-level equipped Hardware

ASDU-LX adopts NXP/Freescale's high-performance industrial-grade chip Cortex-A7 processor, loaded with Linux real-time multitasking operating system, built-in SQLite3 database, with data storage, breakpoint retransmission, integrity protection and other functions.


The hardware is industrial grade top quipped, and the overall performance is excellent, which has passed the highest level of EMC test in the industry.

Easy Configurations

  • Pioneer cloud debugging, realize remote configuration, debugging and upgrade;

  • The communication protocol is programmable, and protocol-driven templates are set for rapid configuration in batches;

  • Provide HTTP and MQTT data release;

  • Hardware and software dual watchdog mechanism to ensure stability and reliability.